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RTS Corporation connects the oil and gas industry with OEMs to develop customized solutions for large-scale engineering projects.

RTS provides OEM equipment & engineering consulting services for a many industries, including the power generation industry.

RTS is a leader in helping businesses receive the OEM equipment for industries such as gas, oil, and power generation.

In addition to our extensive OEM services, RTS Corporation also offers engineering services.


OEM Product Solutions
& Engineering Services

RTS Corporation provides OEM equipment and engineering services for the oil and gas and power generation industry. We partner with a variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers, including Hudson Products/ Smithco  Fin Fan Coolers, Flender Graffenstadden high speed gearboxes, Kingsbury fluid film bearings, Cavex worm gearboxes, Welter Bevel gears and Oeltechnik lube systems and interstage coolers.

Oil & Gas Industry

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OEM Equipment

Engineering Services

RTS Corporation

Advanced Experts

RTS specializes in OEM and engineering service for critical gas and oil and power generation applications. With our advanced expertise, connections with industry-leading equipment manufacturers and field service engineers, and knowledge of industry codes, we have what it takes to carry a large-scale engineering project to completion. 

We serve as an invaluable resource for complex projects that require design experience and expertise in large equipment applications. We are always excited to talk with new clients so contact us today to learn more.