How Do Different Industries Make Use of OEM Equipment?

OEM Equipment in Different Industries

OEM equipment is a common part of many industrial setups. RTS Corporation can provide the best quality OEM equipment for gas, oil, and power generation facilities. But what other industries make use of OEM parts and components? In today’s blog, RTS Corporation looks at some of the most common industrial applications of OEM equipment, from small parts of a large operation to entire pieces of machinery.

Consumer and Commercial Electronics

How many consumer electronic items do you encounter day-to-day? Now more than ever, we are surrounded by consumer electronics. Even those on a tight personal budget are still able to afford a feature-packed smartphone or laptop and most of us have a large high-definition TV in our home.

All of these items use OEM components such as multi-conductor paired cables, coaxial cables, hook-up wires, tubing, sleeving, and many others. The use of OEM equipment is part of what has made so many consumer electronics affordable for so many people.

Computers, Gadgets, and Technology

Many of these consumer electronics come in the form of gadgets like smartphones and games consoles, as well as larger home appliances like washers and dryers. Development and innovation in OEM components have helped to make much smaller parts for things like smartphones, and even smaller parts for things like the SD card you might use to increase the capacity of that smartphone.

Aviation, Aerospace, and Military

OEM equipment is an essential part of the aviation industry and, subsequently, aerospace and military manufacturing. From airplanes to space shuttles, and from fighter jets to tanks, a wide range of OEM parts are used in these industries. This includes components like connectors and terminals, fiber optic and data cables, magnetic wires and many others, providing critical functionality for operations in these industries.

Vehicles and Transportation Equipment

Not only do airplanes use a variety of OEM parts, but your car, truck, or SUV does too. Whatever vehicle you use day-to-day will include OEM components that are vital to the way it functions, such as high-temperature hookup wires and specifically designed automotive wiring harnesses.

Medical and Healthcare Equipment

There is a good reason why high-quality medical equipment is absolutely necessary when it comes to curing disease and saving lives, and OEM equipment provides a vital resource in this industry. High-temperature hook-up wires, portable cords and cables, components that aid in automation, even ways to simply manage cables are all OEM components that are in constant use. These are just a few in a list of many, many more.

Get the Best in OEM Equipment from RTS

Of course, the power generation and mining industries are also heavily reliant on OEM parts. RTS is dedicated to providing the best in OEM components and equipment for oil, gas, and power generation. If you are looking for a source that you can rely on, talk to the team at RTS Corporation.

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