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RTS Corporation

"Passionately Owning The Vision To Drive Success To Completion"

RTS Corporation provides OEM equipment and specialized engineering services for the gas & oil and the power generation industry. 

We offer advanced expertise, connections with industry-leading equipment manufacturers and field service engineers, expansive knowledge of industry codes, and extensive experience in large-scale projects. Regardless of the scope of your project, we work with you and OEMs to find innovative solutions. 

We serve as an invaluable resource for complex projects that require both design experience and expertise in large equipment applications. 

At RTS Corporation, we can make your world turn with our products!

RTS Corporation


"2 Decades Ago We Had The Courage
To Pursue A Dream"

RTS is a family owned corporation. Our management has a solid 50 year reputation in custom engineering sales for the specific products we represent.

All RTS salesman are degreed engineers with previous design, application and service engineering backgrounds. The RTS business managers bring experience from positions held with leading USA corporations. 

Our Passion for

Manufacturing & Engineering

"Passionately own a Vision, and relentlessly
drive it to completion"

RTS Corporation is the most reliable and professional OEM equipment and engineering service provider company in the Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries. For almost two decades, RTS has been successfully delivering turnkey solutions.

We focus on the business of OEM equipment delivery — integrating overall project planning, design, procurement, and construction to create cost-effective solutions.

With in-house design and engineering professionals, RTS provides clients with a true collaboration of disciplines. RTS’s experience and due diligence in the process gives us the ability to guarantee a cost and schedule for total project delivery.

RTS Corporation

Our Purpose

"Engineering Reliability, On Time Delivery
And Field Service Support"

In RTS Corporation, our philosophy is simple…

“Provide our clients with the services they require while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, technical proficiency and quality of service.”

“Guarantee to our Principals a business and product synergy, a strong sales presence and trustworthy support in every market we represent their products”

Contact RTS Corporation and let us bring these values to you.

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