Cavex Worm Gears

"Always The Matting Solution"

CAVEX/ FGGS, principals of RTS Corporation, provide all the parts and upgrades to your Flender/ Siemens current installed worm drive.

With CAVEX’s purchase of the FLENDER/ Siemens Worm Gear Division, CAVEX is further enabled to provide gear service and support for the energy industry. With original FLENDER OEM drawings, CAVEX can provide Drop In replacement gear units or upgrades to fit your needs.

CAVEX Worm Gear Units are characterized by a low noise and impact resistant torque transmission. The hardened and cut tooth flanks of the worm shaft, and the high quality bronze of the worm wheel, guarantee low wear and long lifetimes. This standard of quality makes CAVEX the perfect choice for Oil & Gas power generation, and much more. Contact RTS Corporation today.