Compression Cooling Models from Hudson Products

Compression Cooling Detail from Hudson Products

Compression heat exchangers are the primary apparatus used to protect gas compression equipment as well as controlling the conditioning of natural gas. Hudson Products is at the forefront of compression cooling in the natural gas industry and RTS Corporation provides premier engineering services and solutions for these apparatuses. Today, the experts at RTS Corporation will discuss the configurations and models of compression cooling offered by Hudson Products in greater detail to help you select the ideal compression solution for your business.

Compression Cooling Models from Hudson Products

Hudson Products has several high-quality models to choose from:

Vertical Forced Draft

Vertical Induced Draft

Forced Draft Engine Drive

Horizontal Forced Draft

Vertical Forced/Induced Draft

RTS Corporation has the experts to implement and install the Hudson unit you choose — and help you to decide which one is right for you.

What are Compression Coolers Primarily Used For?

The compression coolers from Hudson Products were designed for reciprocating natural gas compressors. Primarily, these would be used in gas processing plants, transmission, and storage.

Why Hudson Products?

Hudson Products offers best-in-class engineering and precision construction. Their products were designed to meet the everyday needs and challenges of your project under the harshest conditions. RTS Corporation only works with the best suppliers, so you can trust that Hudson Products more than meets the standard.

Hudson has been leading the charge on production technology for over 75 years. Not only are their products the highest quality possible, they’re also cost-effective. Through tireless improvement and innovation, they became the leading manufacturer of air-cooled heat exchangers. They’ve since expanded their offerings to include compression coolers, created with the same quality and precision that they’ve become known for.

RTS Corporation is happy to work with Hudson Products to install solutions and provide services for their air-cooled heat exchangers, axial flow fans, and compression coolers.

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Oil and Gas Industry: Siemens SGT-800 Enhancement

Oil and Gas Industry: Siemens SGT-800 Receives an Update

At RTS Corporation, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the constant technological advances that occur in the oil and gas industry. Siemens recently launched a performance enhancement for their SGT-800 industrial gas turbine. This upgrade is designed to provide owners and operators with significant fuel savings and CO​2​ emissions reduction in order to facilitate improved energy production. Learn more about the SGT-800 Gearbox design provided by RTS and how it can benefit your company with RTS Corporation.

SGT-800 Performance Enhancement

The upgrade offers up to a 3.5 percent increase in simple cycle gas turbine efficiency and up to an additional 10-megawatt output, enhancing the power of the turbine from 43-47.5 megawatts to 53 megawatts. For combined cycle applications, the enhancement could also result in a power increase of more than 20 megawatts and a 3.5 percent lower heat rate, based on a combined cycle 2xSGT-800 and one steam turbine according to Siemens press release. This upgrade results in significant heat rate improvement, which contributes to fuel savings and CO2 emission reductions within major markets in the oil and gas industry.

In an effort to improve operating experience and OEM optimization, this upgrade is infusing the components included in the later version of the SGT-800 (50.5-54 megawatts). In this version, an improved compressor blade design is included for increased aerodynamic performance, as well as optimized gas path mass flow and component cooling in the turbine section. These upgrades result in a moderate increase in combustion chamber firing temperature. Siemens recommends installing the upgrade in conjunction with a scheduled major overhaul, as it uses features from existing and proven SGT-800s with higher ratings.

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At RTS Corporation we are proud of the steps our team has made to help move the oil and gas industry forward, with the SGT-800 Gearbox design being the latest example. Our team specializes in OEM and engineering service for critical oil and gas power generation applications. With our years of experience and connections with industry-leading equipment manufacturers, we have what it takes to carry large-scale engineering projects to completion.

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