Flender Gear Box: What RTS Offers

What RTS Offers In Our Flender Gearbox

If you are a plant maintenance manager or even just a worker at a plant, efficiency is an important part of what you do. For managers specifically, it is increasingly important to conserve energy as a means to save money, and having the proper equipment plays a big part in that.

The heat exchanging system is one component of your plant that can have a real impact on energy costs, and having the right gearbox will help keep those energy costs down. For over ten years, RTS Corporation has partnered with FGGS and Flender-Graffenstaden for high-level mechanical engineering solutions, including the Flender Gearbox.

Why Do You Need A Flender Gearbox?

Inefficiency is something you can’t afford. The Flender gearbox design offered by FGGS is not only the among the best gearboxes on the market today, but it also comes with repair and service support. This will keep your machinery running smoothly and without headaches even when it comes time for a service solution.

FGGS has a long history of providing for gearbox solutions for companies needing to upgrade their capabilities, and the Flender gearbox helps to do that. These gearboxes are able to increase the power production at your plant without having to make major adjustments to the machinery itself. One of the things that make these gearboxes unique is that they are able to be installed in the same installation as the original gearbox.

Why Should You Choose RTS Corporation?

At RTS Corporation, we want to find you the best OEM product solutions and engineering services for your oil, gas, and power generation industry. We believe that a Flender gearbox can do just that through increased efficiency and power production. Our goal at RTS Corporation isn’t to do the engineering, but expend our energy and resources, finding the best principal for the job.

To put it plainly, we want to save you time and money by doing the legwork for you. It isn’t easy finding the right engineering solutions, and it’s even more difficult trying to build them yourself. Our job is to find you the best principal for your specific job so that you don’t have to. For over 10 years, we have worked with FGGS and Flender Graffenstaden, and we are confident that the Flender gearbox is the solution for you.

Contact RTS Corporation For More Information Today

Engineering field services aren’t the easiest to navigate. RTS Corporation is here to do that navigation for you, and one design we are confident in is the Flender gearbox. For more information on the Flender gearbox or to consult with RTS Corporation, give us a call today at (203) 459-9835.